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Looking for  a  new  way  to  bring novelty  into your classroom, to motivate your students, and get them talking in the target
language?  "
Magic!" Imagine that!  At first,  one  magician  in  the  classroom.  Then many more magicians in the classroom!
Abracadabra, poof! Students are  engaged,  inspired,  intrigued and are entertained  by  this novel brain-based &
magic-based teaching approach.
They want to comment, or ask questions and figure it all out, all in the target language!

According to scientific research, utilizing the art of Magic (
simple Magic tricks) as an educational approach,  is hands down a
significantly  more effective way to promote and strengthen concentration, confidence/self-esteem, and sociability, by
encouraging and strengthening
interpersonal communication. Learn how you too, and your students, can be magicians.

(1) You learn how to perform simple but effective magic tricks & illusions that will keep your students hooked on spontaneous
talking, guessing,  and questioning, while improving their listening comprehension, and using newly introduced contextualized
vocabulary & grammatical structures during the magic tricks and illusions.
Magic makes learning a joy!
(2) Then, allow your students to learn and perform magic tricks before their peers, as assessments of their presentational and
interpersonal communication skills. All participants will receive a sample lesson, a few starter magic tricks, and handouts.    
Helping teachers use technology
in the classroom.
Workshops on
"Abracadabra:" It's  Magic  in  the  Classroom!
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