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21st Century Skills
Teachers everywhere experience the challenges of keeping up with the needs & interests of today’s “Entertain-Me
” of children, and also struggle to spark their curiosity, fuel their potential, and keep them engaged in
meaningful learning throughout the school day. These challenges start at the entrance to the classroom. Is your
classroom inviting, welcoming, exciting and engaging to today’s students? Are the walls in your classroom beaming
with interesting subject/content-rich, generation-appropriate realia? Are many students disinterested and failing?

Learn how all teachers can
re-image/re-imagine their classrooms, from door to desks; upgrade the way they teach,
dull to dazzling; and change the way students feel in their classes, from disconnected to driven to succeed!
Learn how to include music, sounds, sights, movements, colors, aromas, artifacts, etc., all designed
to engage
,  capture their minds,  stimulate the brain,  entertain their souls,  while  peaking  their interest and intrinsic
motivation,  and  enhancing  their learning in all subject areas! Participants will receive lesson examples, resources
and materials for immediate use in the classroom.
Helping teachers use technology
in the classroom.
Workshops on
Re-Imaging Your Classroom for Today's 21st Century Learners
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