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Re-Claiming Our Birthright,
by Promoting & Supporting
in Black-American Communities
A Call to All Black Americans to
Reclaim Your
" The enslavement of African peoples in the Americas
has resulted in
the stripping away of our histories,
narratives, human dignity, self worth, ambitions, and
our language & cultural identities.

This enslavement has also resulted in all of us becoming
afflicted  with  an  “imposed amnesia  regarding  the
innately  endowed  ability  to  speak  more  than  just one
language - English.

As we try to recapture  all that we have been
stripped of,
may we  also  find it  within ourselves  to  recognize and
reclaim   our   innately   endowed   ability   to   become
multilingual  in  this  lifetime,   and  thus  re-owning  our
Human and African Birthright . . .

. . . becoming multilingual as  our  Brothers  and  
Sisters are throughout the African Diaspora."

            Richard de Meij, Octalingual Polyglot
              CT Council of Language Teachers’
      2018/19 CT Language Teacher of the Year
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