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Celebrate    Languages
others) with information about what
GLOBALIZATION is, and how to become
skilled and competent to succeed in today's
and tomorrow's global world.
Whether or
not you believe it, or notice it,
is our 21st century reality!
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resources that include
expert interviews,
news analyses.  

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Languages can take you around the world!
Just ask Mr. de Meij; he's been around the world.
Languages give you POWER & FREEDOM!
Languages make you SMARTER!

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Education Websites
Forest Trail Academy
Forest Trial Academy offers a high school diploma
online with our HSEQ Program online.
Keller University Online
Become multilingual, improve your academic & career prospects!
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Learn more languages here.
de Meij's OFFICE HOURS:  MON: 2:40 am - 3:30 pm  •  FRI: after school, by appointment ONLY!
Take a FREE course AND practice Spanish in REAL TIME with NATIVE SPEAKERS (of your choice) from all over the world, with audio & video chat.
Language  myth-buster

Phrases for Success
Online Tutorials for Success
Edmodo Set-up Handout for Success
Language-Learning Strategies for Success
Curriculum/Grading Guide for Success
Classroom Rules for Success
Materials for Success
Links for Success
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