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Celebrate Languages
"...and some said it could not be done! But I believed and they succeeded: ...they spoke, ...they sang, ...used technology,
...manipulated it, created and communicated with it, their language class!"  
      R. de Meij - November 2008
Here is a collage of just a few of the 100s of
successful past students of mine (
over the last 10
) singing in Spanish, French and Papiamento
(spoken in Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao).
Celebrate Success! See, believe and be inspired!
Click on the icon here to the  left  
to  find out  why you  too  should  
include singing  as  an essential
component in language learning.
Students across various levels in Spanish
language classes demonstrate what they can do
with what they have learned throughout the school
High expectations produce high outcomes!
See students showcasing their language skills through
singing in Spanish (2010). Amazing!
High School Students Studying Spanish
A puro dolor
El amor (1)
El amor (2)
La Bamba
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Celebrate success, and share it with family & friends!
Class of 2012 Video Collage
Using music & singing in the language classroom is a
POWERFUL way in which to enhance language learning
and proficiency.
Recent Brain Research has revealed
that music and language are processed in the same area
of the brain.
See video of students' successful travel oversees
Community Service Learning in Nicaragua (2008)  
Class of 2014 Video Collage
Class of 2015 Video Collage
Class of 2016 Video Collage
Class of 2017 Video Collage
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Students Singing:  Si jamais j'oublie
Why Language-
is Important