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iTeacher & iStudent Series:
Workshops in Technology & Classroom Strategies  
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21st Century Skills
A technological revolution is happening in the world of education! Students are experiencing the world,  learning & collaborating
in ways not previously possible, and presently inevitable! To meet the demands of the 21st Century and Globalization, they can
and must experience deeper learning, resulting from greater engagement,  collaboration,  creativity,  efficiency,  and from many
new pathways to mastery.  So,  how  tech-enabled  is  your  teaching  and  their  learning  in your classroom? How much of an
i-Teacher are you? Do you truly understand the degree of media & digital connectedness of your students to technology? Do
you understand how differently digitally-connected students learn today?  Do you use
social media, multi-media & gamification
in your lessons?  Do you  use  
web 2.0 EduTech to streamline and make teacher-tasks more efficient, effective and practical?
How ready are you to adopt and adapt to new
perspectives, possibilities and practices?

Learn the how’s, why’s & value of educational technology for today’s teachers & learners, including
QR-codes & Mobile-apps
Content Management Systems (CMS), Gamification, and much more …all designed to engage learners, increasing
learning interest, efficiency and success! Participants will receive resources and materials for immediate use.

*(The "
i" in “i-Students” stands for: "i-nnovative i-nstruction to i-gnite the learning & i-lluminate a  sure  path  to  success”
for  today’s  students.)
Helping teachers use technology
in the classroom.
Workshops on
Becoming  an  iTeacher  for  iStudents
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