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Celebrate Languages'
iTeacher & iStudent Series:
Workshops in Technology & Classroom Strategies  
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Celebrate Languages!
21st Century Skills
Edu & Mobile Tech
World Languages

Create Brain-Based, Engaging,
Student-Centered, 21st Cent. Classroom
Activities, with Free Tech. [

The world has changed, and with it the
arrival of a new generation of students,
native to digital and social media. Are our
classrooms ready? [

From the door to the desks, upgrade the
way they teach, from dull to dazzling; and
change the way students feel in their
classes, from disconnected to driven to

The Changing Roles of Schools & Teachers
in the Age of Mobile Technologies  

Smartphones & Social Technologies are
here to stay! Teachers can either embrace
them, or lose the battle trying to ban them.

Discover how & why using QR Codes (and
Smartphones)  can  transform,  enhance,
revolutionize  &  personalize  teaching  &
learning in today's/tomorrow's digital age.

Inefficient strategies still predominate in
language classrooms, in spite of facts we
know about the brain. [

.Magic-Based Learning! Poof! Students get
engaged and are intrigued. Their
are engaged
and their curiosity peaked!
They want to comment, or ask questions
to figure out the tricks, . . . all in the target
language! [

Music & language are processed in the
SAME area(s) of the brain. The implications
for the efficiency & effectiveness in
teaching and language-learning strategies
are very compelling! [
"Smartphones - Dumb Schools:"
Smarter Ways to Language Fluency!
Becoming an iTeacher for iStudents:
Video #1  •  Video #2  •  Video #3
Workshops on
Workshops on
Workshops on
Abracadabra: It's Magic in the Classroom
iStudents: Today's Students in
Yesterday's Classrooms; Let's Fix This!
Smart Ways for Smartphones
in the Classroom
Re-Imaging Your Classroom
for Today's 21st Century Learners
'Multimediarizing' Teaching & Learning
with QR Codes in Education
The Enhancing Power of Music & Dance
in Language Learning
Hello and welcome to Celebrate Languages' iTeacher & iStudent Workshop Series!   My name is Richard,  founder of this website and presenter of the workshops
showcased  here below.  These workshops have been developed with passion and conviction,  and from 20 plus years of teaching & reflective experience in and beyond the classroom, at
various levels, in a variety of schools, and in various states and nations. These workshops have been presented statewide, nationally, as well as internationally, for the past 12 years. Each
workshop aims (1) to raise the awareness that all educators can and should do better in educating today's youth,  and (2) to change hearts, open minds and inspire a curiosity & willingness  
to consider new ideas,  perspectives  and approaches to teaching & learning in today's digital age.  
For inquiries regarding getting a workshop presented to faculty & staff  at your institution,
and/or at your organization, or next conference, please contact me via the
CONTACT ME tab at the top (on the right), or call or text me at: (860) 922-9238.  [MY RESUME]
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