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Edu & Mobile Tech
Many of our schools and teachers today boast having Smart boards, are expected to have S.M.A.R.T. goals, and
attempt to teach students who own and use
Smartphones. (“Smart”-boards, “Smart”-goals, “Smart”-phones)
And this is where all those “
Smart” ends!

By contrast, much of what schools and teachers still believe and practice today  (in the 21st Century)  can easily be
referred  to  “
Dumb,”  for  our  times!  (No  disrespect  to  well-intentioned  and  hard-working teachers!)  With  rare
exceptions, schools and teachers currently treat the digital revolution as if it never happened, and use computers to
foster an “
illusion of modernity” for students, which they then call “Technology.” Schools & Teachers today must
no longer “microscope”  back  into  their  past,  with  out-of-date  attitudes & policies.  But rather, they must
“telescope”  forward  into  the  futures  of  the  students  they  teach  today
,  who are mobile-learners, socially-
networked, and
Bluetooth-connected, in an increasingly QR-Coded & Augmented Reality world. Explore, discuss
and consider how your role has changed and how you too can embrace this, for the sake of today’s generation.
Helping teachers use technology
in the classroom.
Workshops on
Smartphones - Dumb Schools: The Changing Roles of Schools & Teachers
in the Age of Mobile Technologies
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